Review of WordTyrant

Over at the Literarium blog, Tom has written an awesome review of Word Tryant as well as posting an interview with one of the team about what our goals were in creating the app.

WordTyrant tracks your writing progress on a monthly basis. You create a project (or any number of projects) for a given month, then add (or backfill) your daily words written. Pretty progress graphs and pithy words of encouragement help visualise your required daily word output. Oh, you should see the arguments I have with Lucas about whether writers will or won’t update their project word counts (I say, ‘will’; feel free to agree with me in the comments).

And, remember – WordTyrant is cheap as chips until the 2nd of November as a present to all our NaNoWriMo attempting friends!!

NaNoWriMo Special!

As a special offer to help all those embarking on the insanity that is NaNoWriMo, WordTyrant will be available for the crazy price of 99c until November the 2nd!

Good luck to all those taking up the challenge, see you on the other side!

WordTyrant now available!

WordTyrant has been designed by writers for writers. Our app allows you to set targets and track your daily word count and whether you are ahead of or behind your goal. Wordtyrant allows you to measure, and improve, your productivity as a writer.

Professionals agree that the key to being a successful writer is – writing! In a world with so many distractions, sometimes it is hard to measure how much you are actually achieving. WordTyrant has been developed in consultation with a broad range of writers, by writers, to deliver a simple and user friendly way of recording your daily word count, and setting targets of how many words you want to get down on the page.

Once you set a monthly target of words to write, WordTyrant will tell you your required daily quota to achieve that goal, and warn you if you are getting behind. You can divvy up this initial “bucket” of words into “projects” making it easy to track different pieces of writing, and their progress can be viewed independently or as part of your overall goal. Now you can see how much writing you are actually getting done, and hold yourself accountable.

WordTyrant’s graphical interface and social media integration allow you see your progress at a glance, and share it with others if you so desire. From emerging writer to seasoned professional, WordTyrant will be an essential tool in every writer’s toolbox.


  • Divide your monthly target into separate projects
  • Ongoing projects can rollover into the next month
  • Simple colour system allows you to see if you wrote enough that day – green good, red bad!
  • Creates graphs showing daily word count in pie, line or bar format
  • Perfect for NaNoWriMo
  • See what you need to write tomorrow to keep up
  • Tweet your progress as text or a graphic to boast or be held accountable
  • Backup to, and restore from, Dropbox means you need never lose your data
  • Export your stats as CSV if you want to customise your own reports

You can find us on the iTunes store here. For support and feedback, follow us on Twitter@wordtyrantapp or email support AT